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Noble Newman has always been an ideas man. And at a certain point, one feels the urge to take their ideas and put them into Noble Newmanaction. 

What is the process of developing a great idea? It starts with the seed of a thought, and when the seed is nourished it naturally grows. Unfortunately, all too often people don’t take the next essential step, which is putting in the time and hard work necessary to bring the idea to fruition. They let the idea sit, and a year or two later they see a new business or an app based on the very same concept, and think, “Hey, that’s my idea! Why didn’t I just do that?” Knowing that this is the likely consequence of not developing a good idea, it’s something that any sane person would want to avoid, which is why Noble Newman, along with his brother, is in the process of bringing an idea into functional reality.

But building a business –planting that seed, watering it, giving it proper sunlight, and allowing it to blossom and grow–isn’t a quick process, nor should it be. Noble Newman and his brother have put a priority on developing their idea to the fullest extent possible while maintaining that no good idea should be rushed to production. A finished and polished product should be the one that reaches the market rather than a rushed unfinished idea or service. Knowing this, Noble Newman has taken his time meticulously planning and developing his idea.

Today, Noble is busy executing his ideas in Pittsburgh with his wife and family. A father of two children, Noble Newman is always on the look out for another great idea and spend a lot of his time fine-tuning some of his original ideas to bring them fully to fruition. Keep an eye on this blog as Noble shares some of his favorite business insights, ideas, and methods.

Tech Innovation

The tech space is one of the most inspiring and exciting areas of business today, and technology has always been at the forefront of Noble Newman’s mind. The chance to be part of the boom of innovation on our planet right now is something that could motivate anyone. In addition to offering ways to help businesses run more smoothly and efficiently, and creating an environment in which new businesses can flourish, technology offers unprecedented opportunities for self-improvement, opportunities that are virtually unlimited, and confined only to the boundaries of the human imagination. For Noble, this restriction is virtually limitless.

Others in Mind

Another inspiring aspect of the tech industry is its low barrier to entry. We have all heard the personal stories of major tech founders who originally started their businesses in a garage. While somewhat anecdotal, the stories of the early days of some of today’s biggest companies points to a truth – as good and resonating anecdotes usually do – that with a great idea, sincere effort, and a little bit of luck, anyone can take a concept they are passionate about and turn it into a product or an application that will help people, in a professional way, a personal way, or both, and will give them a tool to generally improve their lives. That the current business and economic environment allows for such opportunities for developers and consumers is exciting to say the least. Noble Newman hopes to capitalize on this moving forward.

Adding to the Movement

If we take a moment to look around ourselves, we see so many ways in which, just during the last couple of decades, technology has improved our lives. Social media brings people together and gives them ways in which to make new connections. Games and the modern gaming industry offer recreation and fun. Businesses have new and precise ways to gage their audiences and consumers. The list goes on and on. Noble Newman is excited to make a space for himself in this developing industry, and to improving people’s lives through the development of his own ideas.

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