Q & A With Noble Newman

Question and Answers with Noble Newman

Noble Newman is, at heart, an entrepreneur and a thought-leader. In this short question and answer session, Newman dives into his interest in entrepreneurship, his background and his plans for the future.

Question: What interests you about entrepreneurship?
Newman: What interests me is the limitless possibilities to change the world for the better. In so many ways, you can affect the world from many small changes to large, sweeping ones. However, only through entrepreneurship can I implement major changes that can stick around for a while and help the world move in a better direction. You don’t need the biggest and greatest idea to make a change, any idea can affect change; that is easy. The hard part is making a SIGNIFICANT and long-lasting change to the few or a thousand positive mini-changes to many. The idea that this can happen is awesome and, also, frightening in the number of hurdles you have to overcome to get there. But, isn’t that exciting in of itself? I think so!
Question:  Who do you look up to within the entrepreneurial sector?
Newman: Shall I name some of the big, successful, canned response people for you? No. I appreciate those no-names who can market and sell their product from their garage through etsy or shopifiy and make six figures without batting an eye. Sure it took sweat and determination and failure to get to where they are, but that is the beauty in where they are… the journey. And with the journey comes the appreciation of what they did and are doing. Hats off to you Joe and Jane Etsy and your Schedule C tax forms!
Question: What are you currently working on? (you can keep it brief and broad if you would like)
Newman: I am currently working on a system that will help parents and their children live in harmony with each other. Technology looks like it will play a huge role in this, though we might roll out some physical test products to see what sticks. I can’t say much more, but stay positive and look at what I will bring in the future, and if you can’t stay positive, I’ll help!
Question: How did you get your idea or concept for that business?
Newman: Ah, life. Ah, the needs of those around me. Ah, the needs I noticed of my own. Ah, choo. Excuse me. What was I saying that would not give away my concept idea?
Question: Who or what motivates you for your business?
Newman: The families around me and their interactions sometimes saddens me and other times makes me smile. Which would you prefer?
The other type of motivation to keep moving forward with the product is, foremost, my family. They are my life and I am doing it for them and, in turn, for everyone. The need for something to occupy the creative center of my brain seems to play a role as well!
Question: What are your goals for the next year? What about in five years?
Newman: By next year, we hope to be past our first stage of production. By then, we would have our platform and sales plan and would be moving forward to roll out new versions each month.
In five years, our goal is to have the business fully up and running and helping people.
Question: What do you look for in a business partner/team?
Newman: Firstly, my business partners compliment my strengths and bring expertise in to shore up my weaknesses. I looked for business partners who could help with aspects of the project in which I’m not well versed.
Secondly, I had to find people with whom I could work and who could move forward at a steady pace to keep the project on schedule. Despite setbacks, I needed people who could keep up with the goals of the company.
Thirdly, the team also needed to be able to work with each other. We have fun and work and enjoy each other’s company. That is key.
Question: You are also a writer. Will that be incorporated in your business?
Newman: My writing experience, as well as my experiences in education, help with putting the advertising spin on the product it requires to get into homes. We know our product can help families, but it first has to reach them. My writing skills help in this endeavor.
Within the company, I will be responsible for creating the instructions and guides for our product.