Idea formulated? Check!

Product Made, Tested, and Ready to Go? Check!

Company Setup is researched and all the paperwork is ready to fill out? Check!

Question Number One: Company Name…

Uh oh.

If you are like so many others, what seems to be the simple task of naming your business turns out to be far more difficult than you originally thought.

So, you look online to find out how you can easily name your business and immediately tips on “what to avoid” and “what might work,” as well as pay sites like Branditory.  Branditory is a site you PAY to help you create a unique and catchy business name. But, this should be your SECOND/LAST option. You should try naming your company first. However, if you are absolutely stuck and find you don’t have the will or time to create your own, sites like Brandatory is a viable option.  What I like about them is that they have, supposedly, a 100% guarantee if you don’t like the name they created for you.  They will then continue to work with you to your satisfaction. I have never used them and I’m not affiliated with them, so I don’t know what that entails exactly, so do your research first.document-428334_1280

However, before looking into hiring outside help (especially if you have limited funds), there are a few things that you can do to get the creative juices flowing. Remember, the name you choose will brand your company and will get the attention of your market (or not) by its name alone. Don’t believe me? It’s the old “Don’t judge a book by its cover” scenario. You know the first thing they see is your company name, which affects their decision to open your site and find out about it or shove it back onto those virtual shelves. We all do it, despite the old adage.

Here are 10 things you can do to brainstorm ideas for your company’s name and give it the good old college try, for free!

  • Get trusted friends to help. Have resources available and pitch them your product. Then encourage them to break into small group discussions and bring ideas back to the rest of the table. If you only have a few close friends, just have them give you honest feedback for your ideas and put whatever they offer on your list. They will appreciate it, and it might spark something in you later!
  • provides synonyms for your product’s purpose, function, or description that can help you create a name that fits your product.
  • Take a walk. Exercise gets the blood moving and the walk will wake your brain up!
  • Listen to Music (With the Lyrics in front of you!)
  • Take a Shower. The best ideas come from them!
  • Go somewhere new! When you are in familiar surroundings, your mind goes on “auto-drive” and half shuts-down. Your working mind shuts out the places you already know and becomes lazy, complacent, and comfortable. This is the opposite of what you want when you are stuck. In a place you have never been before, your brain needs to process new items and possible dangers, and you have the opportunity to look around and see new things. It will help stimulate your brain in creative ways.
  • Examine the minutia. Look at things in ways we have long since taken for granted. Like a child, look at the details up something up close and personal. It’s like a child noticing the veins on a single leaf, not just noticing a tree as part of the landscape (the last time you did this may have been quite a while ago). Then, look at it from afar and how it affects the world. Micro and Macro, your 2 best friends.
  • This Site by Shoipify is a Business name generator that can give you a list of sites whose domain (website) is not yet used. In other words, if allows you to find one that you can grab for your business website! It can also give you ideas about what your name should be in the first place!
  • Talk to people about your idea. Try to explain what your product is in 45 seconds or less. This will help get you focus on what you do in a simplistic, concise way and get to the nitty gritty of what you want your product to do. Then, Listen to their response. Even if it is a short “that’s good” means you are on to something. Next, prompt them with a couple of questions (only a couple) like, “How do you think my product will provide a service to the world? or In your own words, what do you think my product/company will do?” This will help focus main purpose of your company from which you can elicit a good name.
  • Find other products like yours in the market and notice what names they chose. Which ones do you like and how can you fit into the market with yours without sounding too similar?

business-card-427520_1280Some things to remember:

  • Short and Simple is the way to go. However, we are limited by our language and by those names already claimed by others.
  • Working your own name into the company’s name helps differentiate your company from others within your field. Unfortunately, it may limit how you can pass your business along to someone else or if you choose to expand. This also holds true when naming your company with your local city or town’s name. For example, Walter’s Widgets is nice, except when you try to sell your company to a girl named Sally.  Detroit Main Street Café is a great name to help people find you, but what if you want to open a new store in a neighboring town on First Avenue?
  • Think about who or what groups are you trying to serve. They will want to know you are there for them by your trusted name.
  • Remember, “Too many cooks spoil the broth.” Get only a trusted few involved in choosing the final name. It’s your company and arguments may ensue if you get too many involved.
  • Inspiration can hit you in multiple ways so keep an eye out for it!
  • Increase your level of creativity by taking yourself outside your comfort zone and try new things!
  • Help engage your abstract thought process by purposefully distracting yourself from the humdrum around you. If you are an analytical thinker, try doing some artistic or creative project. This will help you by engaging the right side of your brain. Are you naturally a creative thinker? Then, organize your time and life and try a literal approach to some task. This will help focus your mind in a new way that will allow you to get over your creative block.


For Further reading, has written 2 articles that are excellent reads when exploring this topic.

And don’t forget to check out the Trademark office site Here. They have a list of Basic Facts from their site that is a good resource if you have extra time.

Hope this helps!

Noble Newman