Noble Newman marketing business

Marketing can be a complicated field that requires much expertise. You need to know what the consumers are looking for and how best to appeal to them. Small businesses often complain that they aren’t good at marketing and it doesn’t work for them, while the issue is actually only the way they’re attempting to market. It’s also important to realize that marketing isn’t exclusively advertising in newspapers or magazines and on billboards; there are a lot of other options for getting the word out about your business.

In this follow-up to my previous post on marketing your business, I’ll go over a few more general rules on branding and cohesion for your business rather than your product.

Uniform theme

It’s important to market your business with a uniform look on all platforms. Design your logo, the layout of your office or store, social media profiles, and advertisements with the same colors and style and then use your logo as much as possible. If you have a website, Twitter, and Facebook page, make all the names and handles the same so people know it all connects back to your business.

Update advertisements

If you do have advertisements in magazines, newspapers, or on billboards, update them regularly or the advertisements become stale. People notice change and it will pay attention to your new advertisements and business. Also make creative content that is funny or catchy.

Identify your audience

The most efficient way to market and grow your customer base is to first identify your audience. You can then research ways proven to best reach that group of people and work on making them more aware of your business. You’ll be able to focus on the most effective marketing methods instead of spreading yourself too thin.

Sponsor a charity event

Another great way to connect with the local community and raise awareness for your small business is sponsoring some sort of charity or community event. It makes your business more well-known, while also helping a cause you feel passionate about. Depending what your business is, you can even use skills, services, or goods to help out the cause or give away at the event.


Networking can be incredibly beneficial as well. Come up with a short overview of your business, then use it to explain to new connections what you do. Network with experts in your industry and seek their advice, while also connecting with other small business leaders. Attend or organize a networking event yourself and invite the local professionals.

Utilize social media

Nearly everyone has social media accounts and uses the internet to some degree. In order to reach a lot of people, it’s important that your business utilizes social media. People will Google your business and it’s important to have an updated website (a blog about your industry would be useful too). Create a Twitter account to tweet out relevant articles and updates about your company. Use a Facebook page to post updates and content and also allow people to review your business. The more active you are on social media, the more people you’ll reach.