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Peruse the millions and millions of job listings that you can find on the internet and see if you notice anything about many of the requirements for jobs nowadays. A commonly requested item on job listings is, of course, experience. For young people, this can present a bit of an issue. Many who are fresh out of college won’t have leagues of industry-related experience other than an internship or two under their belt.

For millennials, a catch-22 is presented. You need experience to get a job, but you need a job to get experience.

What few employers seem to recognize are the multitudes of benefits that they can reap by opening themselves and their businesses to the millennial workforce. Here are a few things that millennials can offer your business, large or small, the next time you’re looking to make a new hire.


Move over Baby Boomers–millennials have taken the crown for being the most populous generation in the country according to Pew Research. This means that more and more millennials are entering the workforce every year upon their graduation, allowing for companies to take their pick at the best and brightest that the generation has to offer.  

New Ways of Thinking

What many Millennials may lack in first-hand job experience they often make up for in innovation. I’ve written before on about the importance of being an innovator in business; how stagnation or complacency can destroy even the most successful startups.

Millennials can help avoid that–the generation that people often chide for being lazy, self-centered or too focused on technology can bring a new way of thinking to your business. Younger people are often more knowledgeable about social media, internet trends and are more in touch with younger audiences as a whole.

Lower Costs

It may seem like a cheap move to hire specifically for this reason, but if someone will make the same contributions to your business at a lower price tag why not hire that employee over a more expensive one? People without a wealth of experience will be available for cheaper and, as research indicates, today’s young people are less concerned with compensation than groups of the past.


According to Forbes Magazine, Millennials are more diverse than other generations, offering larger percentages of nonwhite eager job seekers than any other generation. While diversifying your office isn’t something that only this generation offers, it’s easier to find a more diverse workforce when you look at Millennials, and we’ve seen that diversity can benefit workplaces in numerous ways.