Until recently, gamers with disabilities had little to know options when it came to controllers. Xbox and Playstation controllers were a one shape and design fits all type of deal. In recent years, these companies released several versions of their controllers in an attempt to become more inclusive for gamers with disabilities, after all, why shouldn’t they be able to play games just like everyone else? The cost of these controllers were much more expensive than the original controllers, making it difficult for families and individuals to afford. 

Logitech recently came up with a much more affordable and inclusive option. The new Adaptive Gaming Kit comes with a collection of 12 buttons and triggers than can be used in a variety of positions, so layout can be customized based on personal preference.  Buttons previously cost $50 a piece. Thanks to Logitech, the $99 kit comes with 3 small buttons, 3 large buttons, 4 light touch buttons, 2 variable trigger controls and two game mats(one rigid and one foldable). 

The gaming kit was made in partnership with several accessibility groups, including The AblGamers Charity, the Abilities Research Center, and SpecialEffect, to ensure a broad range of gamers would have greater access to play the games they know and love. While you cannot buy these buttons and triggers individually (yet) and the cost is still higher for this technology, especially when you need a $100 adaptive controller to plug these into, it is still a great step in the right direction.

Gamers of all abilities deserve the right to play games. This forward momentum fueled by such large companies is sure to bring new innovations, more accessibility, and lower costs to the market in the near future. As more and more companies cater to customers of all abilities, the sky is the limit for what anyone of any ability can accomplish. Hopefully, gaming companies continue to design with everyone in mind and present affordable options so everyone can join in the fun.