Startups in general tend to have trouble retaining employees throughout those crucial first few years. The tech industry is growing rapidly, as is the competition for those jobs, but why is your tech department seemingly growing smaller by the week? Your business cannot function without a strong tech background these days to support and drive your company forward. When it comes to recruiting and retaining talent, the outcome can seem bleak. With these strategies, you can recruit top-notch talent and build long-lasting connections that will make them want to stay with your company.

Diversity and Inclusivity

The tech industry is guilty of being one of the worst industries for diversity. Your company can begin to change this to start attracting exquisite talent that may otherwise be overlooked by more biased organizations. One study showed that 78% of workers value an employer’s ability to treat them equally. Meet and exceed expectations by creating a culture that is accepting and encourages all of its employees to thrive. Ensure your actions follow through with your promises or you will quickly lose talent to a company who does provide opportunities to all. 

Be Flexible

You don’t have to pay employees like tech giants do, but you do need to offer perks that employees will want to stick around for. Allowing employees to telecommute, or at least partially, allows them a sense of freedom, but also shows a sense of trust between the company and the employee. This will allow you to attract talent from all walks of life who may find it difficult or unappealing to be stuck in a traditional workspace. 

Hire Talent Who Believe in Your Mission

Employees will go above and beyond for a cause or mission they believe in. Tech employees should enjoy what they are doing instead of merely looking for a paycheck. Hiring those who love what they do increases productivity and can only drive your company forward. These types of employees often will inadvertently come up with new ideas because their beliefs are so aligned with the company’s that it just comes naturally. 

Mentorship and Advancement Opportunities

No one wants to be stuck in the same position for years on end. Employees, especially those in the fast-paced, ever-changing tech industry, want to know they will have the opportunity to grow and learn new skills that will advance their careers. Provide mentorship programs that complement the skills of the mentor and mentee so both can learn something valuable that will undoubtedly advance your business’s brand and strategy. Be clear when hiring where the position could potentially lead. Nothing turns away great talent like the possibility of being pigeon-holed in one position with no opportunity to grow. 

Keep It Exciting

You don’t have to implement ping pong tables or a happy hour to achieve this. Tech professionals love a good challenge. Keep the work itself interesting or allow company-wide transparency so employees can see where their work began and how they helped get it to where it eventually landed. Give your employees the chance to learn on the job with increasingly challenging tasks. They will either rise to the occasion and become stronger than ever (as well as grateful for the opportunity) or they will have identified areas in which they need to improve and work towards that. Either way, you end up with happy and challenged employees who can see your investment in their success.